Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back to my Challenges....

OK girls, so back to my challenges! This should pick up on Week Ten, Part Two, is layered nails, and in my past two post's I did I'm kinda done with that.
The next challenge is Polka dots, I feel like I have done that too, I won't be doing that one either and then part two of that week's challenge is Inspired by dots. Hmm.....too many dots, lol. I do have one pictures of my little cousin's nails that I did at Christmas, I will upload those for you to see for replacement of me not doing those challenges, They are on my husband's smart phone, I forgot my camera on Christmas, AND Thanksgiving, I was so mad at myself!!! So they aren't going to be great photo's but they'll have to do.

The next official challenge I will post will be Week Twelve, Part One: Stripes

I sort of did that one here. But I will do again, I love stripes.

Any thing involving stripes you specifically want to see?

<3 Carrie

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