Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Drama Queen's 'Do'!

Hey there! Today I have for a cute hairstyle for little girls, or tweens or really any age, just take it up a notch for adults and maybe angle the parts. I was searching Pinterest and came upon a photo, and tried it out....I used to do these turn under's with my hair all the time as a kid. I forget the real name for them, if anyone knows, leave me a comment letting me know. I did this Monday morning before school.
THANK YOU Kristen! The correct name for this is: Tospy Tail!

What do you think? Like it? I did, and she did also.

I'm working on getting a Blog Sale/Swap page. Hopefully it'll be up by next week.
Tomorrow's blog post will be a book review make sure and come back!

<3 Carrie

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  1. So cute! Wish I had little girls to do their hair. Can't wait to see you blog sale.


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