Monday, January 9, 2012

15 Week Challenge......Part One, Week Twelve

Hey girls...

Remember me telling you I was skipping week 11 because I had done dots lately and just didn't feel like? I also mentioned that I had done some of my cousin's daughter's nails on Christmas, and they just happen to be Polka Dots.

So here are those, sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, I had forgotten my camera, and had to use Husbands cell phone.

Top is Hannah's Silver with red/green glitter snowman, and bottom is Jordan with Black Diamond and dots with some of the prisms colors.

This is Aliya, she had a dark blue with a shimmer blue on top.

This is Chloe, had Prism Diamond as a base, and a pink a maroon i forget the names of as dots.

Thank you girls! I enjoyed painting them as much as you enjoyed letting me. The only one I don't have a photo of is Keira's, they had left before I thought about it. She was who I had brought my supplies along for, she is four I think. She asked her mommy if her nail polish cousin could do her nail, LOL! So Sweet!

Ok so onto this weeks Challenge. Stripes. I almost chucked the out the window because of the candy canes from this post, but decided to go ahead and do it.

I used NYC Skin Tight Denim as a base, it was .25 cent CVS clearance purchase!
For the stripes:
Pinky: Zoya Phoebe
Ring: Finger Paints Winter Sky
Middle: Essence Bella
Index: NYC Empire State Blue
Thumb: NYC Cashmere Creme

I just used very little polish with the brush they came with... I like it.

See ya next time!

<3 Carrie


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