Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My 15 Week Challenge.....Part One, Week One

Hey guys, I have been lacking inspiration, so I came up with a 15 Week Challenge for myself, It consists of two challenges per week. That is all I seem to have time for these days, two mani's a week.

So Here is my challenge to myself:

15 Weeks of Nails Challenge:

Week 1: Red Nails

Week 2: Orange Nails
              Half Moons

Week 3: Yellow Nails

Week 4: Green Nails
              Water Marble / Dry Marble

Week 5: Blue Nails
              Drag Marble

Week 6: Violet Nails
              Inspired by a Favorite Thing

Week 7: Black and White Nails
              Glitter Sandwich

Week 8: Metallic Nails
              French Manicure

Week 9: Rainbow Nails
              Inspired by Feathers

Week 10: Gradient Nails
                 Layered Nails

Week 11: Polka dots
                Inspired by Dots

Week 12: Stripes
                Inspired by Lines

Week 13: Animal Print
                Inspired by The Outdoors

Week 14: Flowers
                Inspired by a Tutorial

Week 15: Matte Nails
                Retro Nails

Week One, Part One: Red Nails

I used Sinful Colors Under 18. It a bright, almost metallicy red. I actually like this red better than my other reds, this is the first time I have worn this polish. Like most SC polishes, this went on smoothly, this was two coats with a SV top coat and a Gelous base coat.

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  1. This challenge sounds fun! I might be trying it next week ;D


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