Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Flying Dragon is a NEON?....

Hello! How are you all today? It rained here a little while ago, now its sunny, but i just heard thunder, so we'll see....

On one of my first trips to Sally Beauty to explore the China Glaze I was hearing so much about (this was at the beginning of my polish addiction) I found Flying Dragon. Supposedly its a neon, although when I think of neon's I think of bright bright bright, eye blinding colors....Flying Dragon isn't blinding at all....its actually quite muted in my opinion. It goes on well, it has blue and red/pink sparkles in it. It is matte with out a top coat.

I picked up a cheapo polish at the dollar store last week or so, and I wanted to see what it looked liked, so I plopped it on top of this on my ring finger, this comb makes me think of Zoya Roxy. The bottles are made to look like Sally Hansen's Diamond style....with a diamond on the front of the bottle, its called Sunset, but let me tell you something...I will not buy another one, and I almost took this one back...It hurt my nose so badly, it stunk....and it stunk after I put on a top coat...and until the next morning...I don't know if I will ever wear this alone....or at all for that matter....no wonder it was cheap, I should have known!

I'm having a hard time taking nice pictures with my new camera, every time I think I have a decent shot I come inside and crop it and it still looks a bit fuzzy....any tips out there....Maybe I should go back to my light box and see if that helps....

See ya next time!


  1. It does seem a bit bright to me, but super pretty!

  2. i love flying dragon i have it, its definitely not what i would think a neon was either lol

    shel xx


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