Saturday, August 27, 2011

My 15 Week Challenge.....Part Two, Week One

Hey guys, so here is my second installment of the week. It was glitter. (See below for my list of challenges-and feel free to use it on your blog as well, if you do-let me know by commenting!)  I chose to do a glitter fade...or is it gradient? I don't know, but whatever its name is, it was very fun to do and very pretty looking. It only stayed on though for a day and a half, it was so thick on my nails....

Here's what I used in this order:
Gelous-base coat
Wet n Wild- Gray's Anatomy
China Glaze- Fairy Dust
NYC- Starry Silver Glitter
China Glaze- Techno
Wet n Wild- Party of Five
Seche Vite- top coat

Let me tell you how much of a pain glitter is to get off.....yes I have read about the 'foil' method, but I just don't see myself taking that much time to wrap each finger in foil, it would be so annoying, so I just cotton balled it, lol....several times!

excuse that nasty cuticle up there...

15 Weeks of Nails Challenge:

Week 1: Red Nails

Week 2: Orange Nails
Half Moons

Week 3: Yellow Nails

Week 4: Green Nails
Water Marble / Dry Marble

Week 5: Blue Nails
Drag Marble

Week 6: Violet Nails
Inspired by a Favorite Thing

Week 7: Black and White Nails
Glitter Sandwich

Week 8: Metallic Nails
French Manicure

Week 9: Rainbow Nails
Inspired by Feathers

Week 10: Gradient Nails
Layered Nails

Week 11: Polka dots
Inspired by Dots

Week 12: Stripes
Inspired by Lines

Week 13: Animal Print
Inspired by The Outdoors

Week 14: Flowers
Inspired by a Tutorial

Week 15: Matte Nails
Retro Nails


  1. WOW! pretty!! if you have a Target, they sell a tub with scrubbers and acetone in it for you to dip your nail in and scrub off glitter. It's my favorite thing and it's cheap, Target brand, and makes me love wearing glitter again!!


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