Thursday, August 18, 2011

ROTW: Ree Ree Pockets

So I am starting to do a new tradition here on my blog....ROTW: Recipe Of The Week.
This weeks recipe of Ree Ree Pockets, given to me by my fabulous Cousin Angela, named after her Daughter Lauren (ReeRee) because it is her favorite meal! My Cousin Olivia, Angela's Sister introduced them to me though on one of her FB statuses, thanks girls , this is now a regular easy quick meal in my house!

First you take some chicken, I chose to use half a rotisserie chicken, shred it into a dish.
Then cut up an onion, or any other vegetable you choose, could be red pepper, green pepper, or a mixture of any vegetables.

Then I took a can of sliced mushrooms and added it to the dish with the veggies and chicken.

Then I took a brick of Neufchatel cheese and mushed it into the chicken, onion and mushrooms.

Then pull out some of crescents

The mixture will look like this:

Then add some shredded cheese

Take one of the crescents lay it out and smoosh it flatter

Plop some of that mixture out on it

Fold the long pointy end over like so:

Squeeze the sides together like this:

Flip the top down like this:

Pinch together:

Fold the remaining end over on top and pinch together:

Place on a pan

And bake for about 15 minutes at whatever degrees the crescent rolls packaging says, 375 I think.

There are so many options for this kind of meal, the varieties are endless.
The other night I used one half pound ground beef, browned it with some onion powder, garlic powder, and some ranch dressing seasoning. Added half a brick of the neufchatel cheese, some onion, and shredded cheese, and filled my crescents. I did a sloppy job filling them, but they were so yummy! Even my finicky husband liked them, both options...that's saying alot!

Tonight I am thinking about cutting bologna (that so doesn't look like it is spelled right) up and some cheese and just laying it on the crescent and then folding the crescent over, and making pocket sandwiches...

Olivia makes chicken gravy to go along with these, she says its great that way!

If you make them, I would love to hear reviews or see pictures!


  1. This looks really good, I'mma have to try it!

  2. Great job Carrie! They are yummy and you added some great ideas for the next time I make them!!! The kids also enjoy dipping their bites into some chicken gravy...easy to make with the chicken jucies! Love this blog site, cant wait to see more! BTW The house looks great! Angela

  3. Thanks everyone! They are Deilcoius, and thanks for sharing Ang!


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