Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Don't feed that to the kids, you'll make them die....

This is sort of what my husband said to me this morning before leaving for work this morning! WTH!
I go to this store called 'Gulley's'. Its a scratch and dent store with food, pet and health and beauty items that have gone expired or have been dented or damaged in ways. I can buy pasta there for 65 cents. Mac and cheese for 50 cents. Diapers for really cheap, 180 for like 11 bucks, cat litter half price, cat food half price ( when they have it) cereal is really cheap, marinades are really really cheap. I buy/find alot of granola bars there for under 1 dollar a box most times, and they are all really close to expiring or have already expired by a few months, no biggie in my head. hey are granola bars right, what can go bad in them...

Well I told my husband I picked him up a few boxes that had more than the normal amount of protein in them than others do. He asked if I looked at the date, and I said no, then nothing. This morning he went to take a bar, and said they were expired, I won't eat these and I said, OK then I will. He then said whether it was to me or to himself.....I hope you don't/won't feed these expired granola bars to the kids. ugh! Men! He won't drink milk past the date on the jug. He is so finicky about things....He then said that by eating expired foods growing up and having mold cut off of cheeses and still eating them that this is why he had his colon operated on and cut out, and same with his dad, and this is why his mom has/had ulcers, and why his brother has mercury poisoning, and etc etc......

His views on things make me so mad and ugh! He totally made me feel like I was doing harm to my children, I'm a bad mom. Really.....I have been buying granola bars and other things that have been slightly expired there for as long as we have known about that store, a couple of years now! He just really irked me this morning with that comment! Is he going to divorce me if I feed the kids the expired granola bars? Or give the kids milk past the date even if it still tastes and smells OK?

Rant over, sorry.....


  1. okay first LOL.

    I hate waste, so I can seriously relate here. I grew up po' and we didn't throw shit away just because the date said it was expired. There are laws in place that require these dates, but that does not necessarily mean they ARE expired. I'm sorry, but if you go to other countries that are not as wealthy as America they too cut off the moldy parts and eat it. Obviously, we have to use common sense though.

    Honestly, I like the fact that my stomach can handle a little bacteria. Survival of the fittest bitches! lol

  2. Ya, I was taught not to waste...mold on cheese, heck slice it off and eat from the other side! We're po' right now as you so cooly put it Loodie! So I think we should just be greatful that we have a place that is like this and food in our pantry! LOL.

    Love your comment Loodie, love it!

  3. I absolutely agree with you hun. Who or what tells the milk to go bad at the stroke of midnight on the expiry date? Use your own nose and your own taste buds and your own common sense. Stuff in tins can't go bad unless air gets in somehow, and cheese is just off milk anyway! When there is famine and starvation in the world wasting food is criminal. You are not a bad mother and don't let anyone think you are!

  4. um eww when it comes to mold throw it away! gross. But certain things like granola bars, cereal and canned food might be ok a few days past. I mean it's not like dairy products that have a short shelf life. But remember there is a reason for those dates... It is totally possible for you to get sick so just be careful. When in doubt, throw it out! I will absolutely not drink milk if it's past the due date, but stuff like cereal I will so it all depends. Everyone is different. I will throw away bread if it's past the due date also or freeze it before it goes bad. LOL I do hate to waste so i am very conscious of dates and use mostly everything with in the time frame I am giving :D


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