Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Party!!!!!!!

Hey there, long time no type? Yes, it has been awhile....I'm in the midst's of unpacking and being lazy around here....the move went well, stuff is generally unpackes, but I am still searching for some things.....

Going to my Best Freinds Daughters birthday party today, I asked the girls what they wanted me to do on my nails, the oldest, Leah, said she wanted purple with pink flowers, and Meghan said she wanted pink with pink fun!

So thats what I did, I got out my stamping plates and went with it! I used SH XW lacey lilac for the purple, and then wet n wild 242 for the pink and various other pinks for the stamping...I also used some nail pens for the two letters just some cheap ones I found at big lots....if you want the specifics, just shoot me an email....I'm lazy right now, and this is a quick post before we head out.....

this is as true as I could capture that purple....stupid purples!
Hope the girls love them.....If I were closer to them, I would have done their nails! I got them some polish though, lol! Starting them off early, Your welcome Nancy! Love you!

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