Sunday, August 28, 2011

More hair?

*This was a I am going to publish it, because it is a really dreary day out today, and the mood for blogging isn't upon me! I have lots of manicures I could show you but the pictures aren't cropped, and I would have to find the polishes I used and My lovely SLEEPING Husband is in the bedroom....I should wake him up....I've been hinting loudly all morning that he should be up and out her....dork....I NEVER get to sleep in and when I do, he lets the kids just be loud, so I lay in bed awake....and not really sleeping.....ugh! Anyways....Hope you enjoy today's post!*

Hey there! Since my last hair post, found here, I have Highlighted my hair. Do you remember the last time I highlighted my hair, it was a total fail.  I was a little nervous this time, but my grey was growing in, and I was tired of the same tone hair color. So I got out my supplies and did very little this time, I didn't want to overdo it or mess it up...I just wanted to hide the grey's....this is how it came out: 

The dye from my last hair post has lightened alot, so its about the same as my roots....finally, lol. I think I will leave it alone for awhile now.... ;)

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