Friday, August 19, 2011

Its looking like a home....

Slowly but Surely things are coming together...

The Boys' room

Boys' room

Boys' room

Emma's room, yes it is always messy here...

View into living room from hallway

same view, different angle

view of front door from living room

living room from front door

from front door different angle

from garage door

living room into dinning room/kitchen

Dinning room into kitchen

My room from door

my room from closet door

my room from corner

living room from my door
So this is my progress so far....I just have no motivation to unpack...


  1. Looks great!! Thanks for sharing!! We moved at the beginning of this year so I know how it goes. You'll get to it all eventually!

  2. Thanks girls! Moving does take alot out of a person!


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