Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hair Calamity!

I get bored easily, VERY easily! I have been finding grey hairs on my head for awhile now, and their starting to be more and more, and closer to my temple/hairline area, so they are getting more and more noticeable, to me anyways. So I was dying my hair, brown got boring, so I had a few highlights put in. Then I redyed it because they grew out and I wasn't getting them done for awhile ($$$$). So Then I went to Sally Beauty and got my own supplies to highlight my own hair, It worked three times.....and then this time, I don't know what happened but, but it bled through the cap, and was spotty looking at the temples, not wearable. Plus I think I pulled out too much hair and it was TOO blonde!


see the spots?

I determined that i don't look good THIS blonde!

looks good from above!

more spots
Well you can see why I couldn't go out in public like that. So I went back up to Sally's the next morning to get some Dye, I chose a dark red brown....well its pretty close to an orangy red....not to thrilled with it but I guess I'll do until my hair gets back to a healthy state from all of this.....


looks good from the top!

The original highlights turned a light orangy red....

The very start of my hair highlighting insanity..

this was a shop that did it....

a friend that is a hair dresser did this, loved it...

my first try at the cap, by myself.

second try, more highlights.

went red for fall

another shade of red after roots grew in...
 When my roots grew in after this I dyed it back to a light blonde brown color, no picture, sorry.
I get bored.....I should probably stop dyeing it altogether for a little while.


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