Friday, June 3, 2011

Go RAYS!!!

My Daughter had a Kindergarten awards ceremony last week and I wanted to do something special for it. I decided to do her school colors, name, and mascot! I had also heard about this plastic bag trick when painting designs on the nails....awesome by the way. You take a plastics Ziploc bag(I had generic sandwhich sizes) and paint what you want on it, I chose to paint the mascot on the bag. You then let it dry(I watched a video and she said you could put lots of quick dry top coat on it as well, but I didn't for this one, as it was dry quickly). Then you peel it up VERY carefully and place it on a painted-dry nail, press it on, make sure it is smooth, then top with top coat! SIMPLE!

notice my naked stained nails,

This is what I used the baggie for

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  1. wow thats such a good trick!! I'm definitely going to have to try that!!

    xo Jackie


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