Friday, June 17, 2011

Lightbox fun and some 'Nirvana'

Well I was curious and crafted up a lightbox this afternoon. After seeing some of my other nail bloggers using them and talking about them. It was pretty easy to make, a whole here a whole there, and some tissue paper, and a piece of poster board, and a light....not much to it. I have on Sinful Colors Nirvana. Its a dark milk chocolate color. You either like it or not, and I think its a nice neutral color, that happened to look really good on me and my skin tone....I meant to add something else with this but never got around to it, with four kids at home, sometimes it is impossible to get the time in, or stay up late and do it (which is what I normally do).

So here are some photos, captioned.... which ones do you like best?

The Lightbox:

The non lightbox photos:

PS, look how nice my cuticles look, its that lotion from my last pink wednesday post, go check it out!

These next photos are from the lightbox with a flash setting:

This set of photos is with no flash in the lightbox:

this was a close up setting, not so good...

I'm not sure I like the non flash in the lightbox....It could be me or me not knowing how to take a good picture...

Here are some more with flash in the lightbox:

I like the flash in the lightbox photos better...its true to color too, the non flash seems more yellow/orangy to me...

whats your opinion?


  1. I think that all you have to so is adjust the white balance on your camera. Just play around wuth the settings until you can take a picture of the white background and it reads white on the camera. It should be pretty easy with the set up that you have!
    Once your camera reads white as white, then all your colors should be true to life without having to adjust any other settings. At this point the hardest thing you will have to do is trust your camera to take a purple picture without tweaking! =P

  2. thanks for the tips....I will look for that white balance thing!


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