Friday, June 10, 2011


Hey Gals! I have a GREAT product for you! Ever heard of Scentsy? My Best Friend is a consultant, and I am having an online party right now! I am about to order a starter package of a full size warmer, a plug in warmer and 3 scent bars! I am ordering a zebra plug in and a doddlebud full size warmer, with a beach, black raspberry vanilla, and sweat pea vanilla scent bars. Its very reasonable and Nancy is telling me that they last quite a bit too. One scent bar is $5 dollars and contains 8 cubes, you use two cubes per warmer(one in a plug in) and it has lasted her about two weeks (2 cubes x 4 uses =8 weeks of a great smelling house for $5!)

They have university warmers (go gators!)

They have Zebra print warmers

They have all kinds to suit you and your personality. They have many many many scents to choose from as well!

And you don't have to get a warmer, they have scent buddies ( a stuffed animal with a pouch) scent trays, packs, circles, fragrance foam, and room spray!

They even have one you can DIY!

They have a lifetime warranty too, something breaks, contact them and they'll replace or fix it!

Plus no flames for little fingers to touch!

If you don't want to order, please pass this link around to someone you think may like it/use it!

Thanks for reading!

Here's the link to my online party:

animal lover



do it yourselfer, with tons of choices see below:

just one of the many choices for the DIY kits!

Baby's breath


Cherry Blossom

Doodlebud-this is the one I am getting!

For the boys!



Chomp Chomp

Army Strong

La La La La La La La

a plug in

pretty flowers

another zebra!

and a scent buddy!
You won't regret the purchase! Makes great gifts!

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