Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend going ons...

This weekend we had alot of stuff happen...

Got a new table:

We had a near death fish experience, I had went out with two of the kids, and when we came back with dinner, I noticed something blue on our kitchen floor, it looked like a playmobil hat or something. Emma looked closer at it, and screamed, its a fish! I bent down to it, and sure enough OMG it was our fish! I quick picked it up and put it back in its it got on the floor we will never know! But he wasn't very active yesterday after that, but he is back to his self today! Mr. Squiggles....

On Friday night the kids and I made pizzas! I had picked up this new DIY kit from wal-mart, comes with crusts, cheese, pepperoni, and sauce. We added olives and pineapple....and more sauce....I hate when pre packaged stuff like this skimps on ingredients! But overall they were delicious!

AND.....Hunter started scooting this week!

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