Thursday, June 23, 2011

~on the wild side~

Well I was having a hard time choosing/figuring out what I wanted to do with my nails. So I posted on my FB page for people to give me an idea. My cousin Julie, suggested Zebra. I asked her about colors, she said Purple and Yellow....

I used Four colors. China Glaze Tantalize Me (top section of middle finger), a nice light duo shade of purplie pink. Pure Ice in Excuse me, I picked this up just for this purpose (top section of pinkie), its a shimmery/shiny yellow, very pretty! Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mellow Yellow (top section of index finger), a very opaque yellow. And Finally, Finger Paint in Peaceful Purple (Top section of ring and thumb), a nice glitter polish-goes on thick, but all my FP's go on thick...
Then I took a bottle of Black art polish, they have a small long thin brush in them, and drew pointy lines that alternated off of the sides. I guess its more like Tiger striping then Zebra.....

What do you think? I only got four pictures in before my camera died on me, two with flash, two without, all in my lightbox.

These two are without flash in my lightbox:

These two are with flash in my lightbox:


  1. WOW! those turned out really good! and I was just putting odd ball colors out there too, LOL. I want my toes done now :) luv julie

  2. Found your blog via google search for Go Van Gogh! By Finger Paints. I'm checking out some of your entries. :-) I LOVE this mani!!!!!

  3. this is super cute... I'm going to have to try something like it :) great inspiration!

  4. This looks terrific! It makes me think of a designer bandage dress :)

  5. thanks, i think this is one of my better designs/art!


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