Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pink Wednesday, just barely....

I keep seeing these really cute fruit designs floating around the nail world. So what better than watermelon, perfect for summer, right? I thought about mixing fruit, I saw a really cool Kiwi design that I want to try also! But I stuck with one fruit....

Watermelon! Have you ever heard that song, Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd?

My Son, Hunter, he is 8 months old, he does the watermelon crawl.....or the army crawl, it is so cute! He is so speedy!

Anyways on to the nails! I used NYC in Midtown for the base color, then added a tip of Finger Paints Go Van Gogh, then added a stripe of LA Colors in a green/gold color. Then added the seeds-I used Wet N Wilds Black creme and a dotting tool.

So whatchya think?


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