Friday, June 22, 2012

31 Days to Clean, Day 1

Hey there.
This morning I woke up, got dressed (kind of because I thought I had to take the kids to summer school-turns out Friday is no school) but the point here is I got dressed. I even put some mascara on!
Last night I decided to hop on the Weight Watchers wagon again, with My Bestie, Nancy. Last October I was doing it, sort of, lost a few pounds but then gave up. She started around November and since then has lost 25 pounds!! She is starting back up today and I am joining too! This morning I had my coffee, with Protein powder-flavored chocolate, instead of my flavored creamer....can't resist the sweetened condensed milk step at a time, right?

So today is day one of my 31 Days to clean challenge, titled "Why Clean?". It asks the reader why they want a clean home? Having a purpose keeps you going, not having a purpose may be keeping you in a rut! Yup that's me, in a rut with no purpose!! (as a respect for the author I will be keeping the post's contents to minimum, and not revealing the challenges, or at least not intentionally)

I want to feel like our Home is a place that people want to come into, not avoid.
I want to feel happy here, not depressed, to be able to breathe and relax without stressing over the piles of filth...
I want my husband to feel like he is coming home to a nice home, not a trashed one.
I want the kids to feel comfortable asking friends over on a moments notice.
I want to be able to not have to say, Please don't look at my kitchen, or excuse the mess, or let me check to make sure there isn't pee on the toilet in the bathroom. (seriously)
I want my husband to come home to a happy home, not a home full of chaos.
I want to feel accomplished.

My Purpose as a Homemaker:
This isn't finished yet, but it will be I am working on it!

<3 Carrie

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