Friday, June 8, 2012


Hey there! Its Friday!!!! Yay!

My mom was supposed to take my kids tonight, but she isn't feeling well now :(

So no night off for me. Do you have any amazing plans for this weekend?

A couple weeks ago I bought a whole bunch of glitter. Some Icing's, some Milani's, Some Jordana's and some Spoiled's.

Milani Teal,  Milani Red, Icing Radio Super Star, Jordana Funky Gold Town, Spoiled Pet my Peacock

Jordana Sequins, Icing Pop a Bottle, Icing Lemme See Your Peacock, Icing After Party, Jordana Cosmic 

Milani Teal

Jordana Cosmic

Milani Teal and Red

Icing: Lemme See Your Peacock, After Party, Pop a bottle, Radio Super Star

Jordana: Cosmic, Funky Gold Town, Sequins

Spoiled: Jewelry hiest (not swatched), Let me see Your Peacock.

<3 Carrie

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