Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Manhattan from SoFlaJo!!

Hey there lovelies! I have a review for ya! Its Manhattan from SoFlaJo, She is also found over here in Etsy. Manhattan is a polish from the collection, The Happy Hour! She is a deep caramel/maroon with glass flecks- taken from Esty. In my opinion its more of a copper color with flashes of gold specks. Very Pretty. My skin tone sort of clashes with it though. All of Jody's polishes are handcrafted, made from natural pigments and glitters with bases free of the chemicals Toluene, Formaldehyde and Dibutyl Phthalate and Formaldehyde.

Very smooth application. Dry time is pretty quick, amazingly.

Of course the Sun had to disappear today, its been sunny for weeks, but the one day I want to do a review it goes and gets all stormy on me. So I did my best to capture this lovely polish.

 This is pretty color accurate (above) in fluorescent lighting.
 This and all the following pictures are in filtered partial sunlight, more of a coppery color peeking out, with the gold specks. Love it.

Jody's mini's are so cute! And for Mini's they are pretty easy to work with. I hate OPI's mini's so annoying to get polish out and on my nail, I had NO trouble with the this mini!

I hope you enjoyed this review, it was sent to me specifically for this purpose. :D Don't forget to check out the sites and purchase some of your own! Links above.

<3 Carrie

Monday, May 14, 2012

Two Years...

So this past Saturday was my real two year blog-versary!  Yay Me!

meet Alfred Hes the neighborhood of them.
Read Between the Lines
one year ago today.
a Healthy Salad
Max at 5

Max, he's almost two

Zoya Zuza then used Striping tape with Zoya Keiko over top
Check out the tabs up top. I have added a few more polishs in my store, Sassy Lacquer's! Read Between the Lines, pictured above, The Teacher's Pet Collection, and Zamboni a fun Flakie.

<3 Carrie

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Puppy Love...

First of all....New Haircut, because I tried to cut it myself with Creaclip, and I failed. I was doing pretty good until I tried to angle it around my face, and held the level thingy the wrong way and made a blunt cut, so I had to go get it fixed at the salon. I took off a total of like 5-6 inches. It really makes me sad! BUT good news is, that I cut Emma's hair perfectly with it! So it was me not the clip! I can NOT get it styled like this, but this is what it is supposed to look like. Plus now its way darker too, I dyed it a dark chocolate with a hint of Mahogany to it. Very nice color.

And....Meet Daisy! She is our new Puppy. She is a Beagle. She is only @ 6 weeks here, she still has a few more weeks to go with her mama, then she is ours! I can not wait to cuddle with her, buy her toys, collars, .....and teach her.....sort of like having a baby again. Its going to be alot of work, but so much fun! Hopefully she stays cute and sweet. Kayla, the friend I am getting her from, well its her brother's dog's puppies, but anyhow, She said that she is really outgoing, but sticks close to you, and is like the leader of the pack. Daisy let us hold her, she just laid was cute watching those little puppies hobble around...

While we were there Kayla's mom, Pam, she instantly adopted the kids, played Grandma. Fed the cows...watered was cute. Can't wait until we can go back and see Daisy again! I think I am more excited than the kids! LOL.

Daisy is on the right with her tongue out, awe!


Emma holding Daisy, who was giving her tiny kisses, lol

Riley and his silly faces. (wiener dog was so funny!)

Mama's turn, she looks like she is talking to me..(See Mrs. Pam playing Grandma back there!)

Don't leave me here, take me home with you....

<3 Carrie

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Waiting list....

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know I am working on my new collection. Inspirational Blogger's. More info on that later on.

The waiting list for the Exotic Energy Trio will close on Wed May 9th. 10 pm EST. If you want on, please send me an email! Go to the Sassy Lacquer page for info.

<3 Carrie

Friday, May 4, 2012



One bottle of Pegasus Jizz is up for grabs. Comment here on this post ----> (keep reading). Open internationally. Must 'like' this page on FB(see side bar). Comments are accepted until 10pm EST tonight. Winner will be picked using Please do not delete comments and only one per person or you will be disqualified.

Tell me what your dream polish would be? Be as descriptive as possible.

Winner is
Hailey M,
from the previous FB post comment's

I started this giveaway on FB, but as per their rules, which I was unaware of, they don't allow giveaway's that require you as the follower the do things, such as comment to win. So I switched it over here, saved the entries and added them the the beginning of these comments, and then used to choose the winner!

Congrats Hailey!