Thursday, February 7, 2013

Valentine's Day Challenge: 6

Ok so you will want to read yesterday's post, before you begin this one, if your not caught up that is.


So yesterday I told you how day five went down, and it was pretty upsetting...but then yesterday Husband sent me this:

Our love is like color that no one seems to find. They paint their house with what they settled with or that matched the curtains and blinds. They pick a car because it looked good yet nicer when it drives. They see it in a store yet change their mind to match a purse. I can go all night but yet I'm yours and you are mine.. Love Kevin.

I'm not totally getting it, but he spent some time on it, and that means something.
He brought this home Tuesday night (day five) but it was tense before he gave it to me:

On the car issue, it should be done today. Hopefully. We'll see, haven't heard anything from them yet.

So what was day six? Play Go Fish, and surprise with pail of worms.
That didn't happen. I got kind of backed up a bit on my challenges, but I am still doing them. Last night (day six) I did the Hershey Kiss game with them. I cut out heart shaped stickers and put them on the bottom of each Kiss and then we played. Kids loved it.

My door bell rang early this was a delivery: My neighbor is a baker also and I was her 100th 'like' on FB and she sent over these. They are soooo yummy! Its like a brownie cake ball with a cherry center. Chocolate Heaven. Thanks Symantha!

Today is day seven and so far I plan on doing the Pail of Worms tonight after Parker and I get back from Kindergarten Round-up. He is VERY excited!

Have a great rest of the day!

Here's the challenge:

~Day One: Make coffee for husband, with a note attached with a 'kiss'
~Day Two: Shower Emma with specialness all day long. (its her Birthday she is going to be eight)Nail painting, hair doing, makeup putting on, maybe even going to the mall to window shop?
~Day Three: Make heart shaped desserts for family.
~Day Four: Wake up and get kids ready for school (husband usually does most of it), Prepare Heart shaped dinner
~Day Five: E-mail husband every five minutes-mushy stuff, see how fast he gets annoyed with it ;) Play a matching game after dinner with Hershey Kisses.
~Day Six: Play Go Fish with the family after dinner. Surprise with Pail of worms.
~Day Seven: Treat myself to a special mani. (Hang on the mirror heart)
~Day Eight: Surprise kids with Lollipops in the morning! Leave toothbrush note.
~Day Nine: Wake kids up by singing loudly, to an undetermined mushy love song...annoy Husband with lame valentine jokes.
~Day Ten: Do a Valentine craft from pinterest with the kids while husband is at work.
~Day Eleven: Make a Heart Shaped cookie for Emma's B-day celebration at chucky cheeses, Make heart shaped cinn rolls.
~Day Twelve: Send romantic note to work in a lunch with husband, and I Love you's to school with the kids
~Day Thirteen: Make Valentines with kids and Husband for their classmates.
~Day Fourteen: Valentines day! Hopefully Husband has gotten the hint....He says Valentines Day is for Single's. Hah, he is so wrong.

Daily tell each one something special about them, or one of the things I love about them.


ps: I have recieved my mini's and they will be out soon to bloggers and then the release of the spring line will happen! Yay!


  1. I love that your husband tried and made an effort. That's great. The flower is gorgeous and the brownie cake balls look amazing.


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