Saturday, December 17, 2011

Some Christmas Nails....

Hey girls, sorry I haven't posted since Monday...its been really hectic.

Here are some recent Mani's:

ChG Twinkle Lights


added ugly hollys, I took this off right after I snapped the picture

bad picture, the camera just wasn't getting the sparkly beauty of this polish!

SH XW Cherry Red, with ChG Ring in the Red

Silver Bells

I didn't even bother to watermark most of them....I haven't been very good lately at nail art....they kinda suck... But I thought I'd show you anyhow. Oh and our Christmas tree, the kids did it. They did a pretty good doesn't look like that now, all the ornaments have moved up the tree, where Handsome can't reach!!! LOL.

See ya sometime next week, I will have my in laws anny cake to show, I am working on that now, biggest cake I have ever made....I am having alot of anxiety issues over it...

<3 Carrie


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