Sunday, June 20, 2010

Car Crapola...

So, Last night Kevin went to a B-day party down at the pool/clubhouse. Well when he went to leave the car wouldn't start. The key goes in but it won't turn the ignition....So he came home called KIA roadside assistance, a tow guy came and picked it up, and we just had to hope that it gets to the dealership and nothing happens to it on the way there, or the tow guy don't steal it! LOL, I'm paranoid! So anyways, Kevin called this morning and the dealership has one loaner car left on the lot, and Kevin is on his way to get it now! This totally bites....It hasn't even been in our possession a year yet and its brand new, this shouldn't happen!

So here's to hoping nothing major is wrong, and that it is under warranty, which it SHOULD be!

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