Saturday, June 19, 2010

Names, Names, and more Names:

I'm going to list all my names here and please comment on them, Honest opinions needed. Thanks! UPDATE:(husband Veto'ed Half the list), here's the updated list:

Alexander - (Greek) great leader, helpful
Ayden, Aiden - (Irish) knowing , fiery spirit
Austen - (Latin) serious and revered

Carson - (English) confident
Corey - (Irish) laughing

Gavin - (English) alert, hawk

Hunter - (English) adventurer

Jack - (Hebrew) God is gracious
Jared - (Hebrew) descendant, giving

Levi - (Hebrew) harmonious
Landon - (English) Plain, old fashioned

Mikah, Micah - (Hebrew) prophet, see all

Ryder, Rider - (American) horse rider

Sidney - (French) attractive

Tobey - (Hebrew) believing the Lord is good
Trevor - (Irish) wise
Ty - (English) industrious

Wilder - (English) wild man

Zander - (Greek) great leader, helpful
Zachary - (Hebrew) spiritual

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  1. I also like Asher.. just a thought!. I like Zachary, Mikah, and Levi. I like Ayden, of course, but there are Aydens EVERYWHERE over here. when we go to the park I see at least 3 or 4 more boys named Ayden.


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