Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's a BOY!

Yesterday we found out were adding another baby boy to our family! So excited...I was a tad bit disappointed though, to tell the truth...I had the U/S tech triple check her findings! Definitely a turtle in there! Apparently a turtle is the shape of the thingy when you view it on an U/S! And a girl has a hamburger! LOL!

So after that somewhat shock, I had my regular appt.....Measuring 20 weeks right on track with Oct 23rd due date....HOWEVER: The Doctors had two dates for me, the 21st and the 29th.....The baby was measuring for the Due date of Oct 19th, so the tech said they would prob change my Due date to the 21st! Yay! But then when I got to the Doc, she made it 'official' and made it the 29th! Nope, I told Kevin, 'whatever, I'll be out of the hospital by the 29th!'

We then went to JcPenny's and bought some clothes for the baby! Boy did we ever, lol! I think we have enough to get him through the first three months.....Well not really but it looked like it at the counter, checking out!

We went to eat lunch at Moe's......good place! I wish we had one closer to home!

Then we came home and broke the news to the kids and my mother in law! They were all happy....Emma said: A girl?!?! I said: No, its a boy.....I think she was a tad disappointed too but not really knowing why....lol. We bought a little Onsie that said Little Brother on it, and then showed the kids, I had Riley read it.....It was sweet!

And this was just too cute!

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