Friday, June 11, 2010

Summer-time blues for Mama!


So this is the FIRST day of summer vacation for Riley....And he has been in his room all day so far! He doesn't know how to listen to me. He would rather have negative attention than positive attention.....all I have been doing this morning is yelling at them not to break the rules......ugh! This is going to be a longggggggggg Summer!

Why can't it be cool out while the kids are off of school? They could go outside and play then! Right now its so hot out there!

I have to figure out a way to distract them this summer.....I could set up our pool in the porch, but that would be messy.....with all the grass the pool gets disgusting if its on the it.....I could set a tarp up for underneath the pool, but then it still gets messy.....I could do other things like dig up the grass and put shell or rocks down.....costly.

I need to make charts for them too! With chores and rewards I guess.

One day I'll get the hang of this 'mother' thing. One day they will listen to me.....One Day!

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