Saturday, March 3, 2012

New things ahead....yay!

Hey there lovely people! How are you all tonight? I have had a pretty rough day with the kids today, and I am so looking forward to my day alone tom. My husband doesn't know the extent of my outing tom, but It entails a new 'Do! (Hair-do) I am going to get side swipe bangs, I can't decide between these two: ONE or TWO. What do you think? Here is my picture my hair is a tad shorter and of course a diff color :) but generally the same style...don't laugh at my silly picture :)

I created a one of a kind polish for a birthday group buddy of mine Yezenia, and I had so much left over base color, because I couldn't get it right, that I made up two quick glitter's with the leftover:

Ocean Party

Ocean Party

Ocean Party

Ocean Party on the left and Crusoe on the right
 These two are VERY similar, but they are different if you look at the swatches of them. Ocean party is more colorful and flakie-less and Crusoe has lots of purple flakies and gold bar glitter.

Crusoe (named after the movie The Water Horse)

Crusoe (sorry its blurry)

Ocean Sparkle's (I think this was what i named it) Yezenia's polish, on the left, and Candy-land, Lailaa's Polish (another one of my birthday group people)

same as above, Left is Ocean Sparkles and on the right is Candy-land

The first two frankens are actually on my blog sale if your interested in them, Ocean Party and Crusoe. 

I have a special post coming soon about The Traveling Polish! It includes another Franken!!!

I have also contacted a few bloggers about my inspirational blogger franken/homemade polish collection. I can't wait to begin this, I have oredered a bunch of supplies and am looking forward to working with my chosen bloggers!!! (they will remain secret until their polish is completed)

Also I have updated the blog sale to include a Green Ocean by Sinful Colors!!!

AND I know lots of things right? Don't forget to enter the giveaway!!! There will be two winners!

<3 Carrie


  1. I'd go number one. And as i said before Crusoe is a great name for a polish!

  2. I vote number one as well. Have fun with your day tomorrow. Alone time is a great thing. Cool frankens

    1. Thanks Sara! ( I emailed you again :)

  3. Unless you don't mind either your hair hanging in your eyes or having to swipe it out all the time, don't go with #1. (If you're okay with that, though, then go for it. :) I like the way #2 looks better, 'cause it's softer, and you wouldn't have to fuss with it during the day.

    (Just FYI, if you don't know, and since we were talking about it on PAA the other day, your blog has word verification on. Which is no biggee if you want it, but I didn't even know it was on mine and I *didn't* want it.)

    1. Does it now....I thought it didn't! How do I get rid of it? And thanks for telling! Thanks for the advice with the bangs!

  4. The hairdos are pretty similar. I think the only big difference is there are more layers with the second one. If you are a little scared of the layers, I would suggest going for number one, and then see how you like it. Then if you decide you want more texture and fullness, you can always have the layers put in next time you go. Speaking of the bangs, you could get the bangs like the second one, but the rest of it like the first one. Just remember, the shorter you go with the bangs, the longer it will take for them to grow out, if you decide you don't like them. I'm sure it will look great, whichever way you go though. You're have nice thick hair. The older I get, the thinner mine gets.


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