Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Fitness check-in

Hey guys. Last Thursday I shared a couple challenges I was working on this month. One for Abs, and the other one is a squat challenge. I started the squat challenge a day before the ab' challenge. I am on day 8 of squats (a rest day) and day 7 on the ab challenge.

The first few days I was so sore, as with any new exercise program.I usually give up. I stuck with it. I am so very proud of myself. I feel the 'pain' still but it isn't unbearable. I can sit on the toilet without crying now, LOL.

The abs challenge is getting tougher as well. This comes from a girl who is considered obese. I step on the Wii fit, and the little Mii goes "ooh that's obese' UGH! I want to smack it! I don't think I look obese. But any who, back to my topic....I'm fat. Its hard to exercise. I have a big gut. I showed you, so sit ups are hard. But I am pushing through them. Getting them done. And feeling good about myself in the meantime.

I have a Jillian Micheals DVD that I want to add in to my day, or every other day. (or every FOUR days or more, she kills me!) (Its the 30 day shred). But I am being a wimp. I think I will wait until I am two week into both challenges to start the DVD. (or not)

So that's my update. Are any of you doing these challenges?



  1. I am on day 6 of both, still very sore in the stomach area but its getting easier i am also on the "obese" scale and proud that i have stuck to this as normally i would give up after having a break lol!

    1. It gets better!! The more ou keep up with it the better. I sometimes have to split the exercises up. 40 squats is about my limit at one time, I can take a quick break and then do 40 more...its hard, but I feel better afterward. The sit ups are getting easir too...Exrcising is hard work!


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