Friday, May 3, 2013

'take picture me mommy'

^^^^Thats what my little guy said yesterday as I was photographing myself for the before shots. (see yesterday's post)

He's such a little cutie pie. So independent right now. >.<

He's 2.5

He's my baby.

He is the only one that came out looking like me and followed my gene pool. Out of four kids.

(He's also the only one who didn't have a large head when born and then didn't skyrocket off the growth chart at four months old-like the other three) I think the big headedness was from Husband's side. Husband has a big head too.

wearing sissy's 'bra'

being a water baby

didn't want in the picture wanted to push the button on the kindle himself...

more water fun

didn't want to leave uncle Bryan's side, me swim in water too

favorite thing to do at the park.
Mamma loves you baby!


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