Monday, November 28, 2011

Franken Time! (contest annoucement)

Hey there kiddos! How was your weekend? We set up our lights outside and our Christmas tree inside, no decorations out inside though....It looks cute! I'll post some of the pictures at a later time!

 I am going to hold a contest for the best Christmas/Holiday themed Mani! Send me your best picture of your best Christmas/Holiday themed mani to: You have until December 11th to email me your submission. (One Picture Please) I will then post all of them, and let the voting start on the 12th, and let that run until the 20th, and will announce the winner on December 21st! So get the word out and get your submissions in NOW! Go! :)

Grab that button, (Its over on the left) and paste it on your blog!

Okay, so on to the franken naming...on your left, in my side bar you will see a poll. Below it you will see the franken you are voting on. One of the names is spelt incorrectly, Broken Tiarra is supposed to be spelt : Broken Tiara! Other than that, please vote, the lucky person with the most votes on the name submission, wins the Franken! How cool is that! Here are a few more pictures of it:

You can click on these images to make them larger, and we are naming the purplish one, NOT the green one, his name is Jolly Holly and he has a home in England with The Crumpet!

Tomorrow, another Franken!

<3 Carrie


  1. Wow, Im going to enter my manicure right away!! And I love all the names of the frankens, I cant choose just one! :P

  2. Oh, and this question, has probably been asked already, but... what brand of glitters, did you use to make this franken, and where can you get that brand?? Thanks, xxxxx

  3. Kirshten, you can vote more than once, and for more than one! And I bought the glitters in the craft section at wlamart, they came in a five pack, little tubes, of light/patel colored and basic colored ones...I used a pink one and a blue one from the pastel pack and another glitter polish.....(thats a secret)

  4. Oh,ok I didn't know that you could vote more than once! :P Thanks! I just went to Walmart a few hours ago :P LOL I cant wait to go back, and look for glitters :)

  5. The contest sounds fun! & I love the square glitters in the your franken!


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