Tuesday, November 1, 2011

November already?

I thought this year just started.....I hate how time goes by so quickly! My kids were so excited to trick or treat last night, all month long they were constantly asking is it Halloween yet?? Well I get them all dressed and the oldest goes to like three doors and says, I'm tired of walking, and then doesn't want to 'trick or treat' anymore....strange! I think he was annoyed with his face make-up. He went as a Dementor from Harry Potter. The Drama Queen changed her mind last minute and was a funky witch, Little man was batman, and Handsome was a Pirate! Handsome is now super snotty and had mosquito bits all over his face/head, I put bug stuff on him, and he still has about ten or more bites on his face, I feel so bad...

Not alot of candy was brought home last night, compared to other years, but that is totally fine with me, because we really don't need it, I don't need it! I started a 'thing' today....I am drinking a protein shake/fruit almond milk smoothie in the mornings, being careful what I eat the rest of the day, and then having a light dinner....or less of a dinner I would normally eat. I am not calling it the 'D' word, because then I will fail. Its a few small changes that hopefully will result in better eating and loss of weight. (I'm thinking of journaling my progress, interested in it?)

I bought a Helmer a couple weeks ago for myself, for my birthday, I'm officially 29, I'll be 29 next year too ;) and the year after and the year after that, and so on, lol! I have yet to put it together, I told myself that I have to get my room organized first, its still not organized....Maybe tonight or tomm....I'm setting the Helmer up tonight though! :) Excited, I just am debating on how to organize it, by color, brand, finish.....ok that last part is stupid, who would organize by finish....except glitter and stuff...

I'm really struggling to keep this house clean and laundry up to date.....I hate cleaning and hate laundry...so its really hard...any tips?

Ok so enough rambling...

Here are pictures from last night:

Aren't they cute!

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<3, Carrie


  1. Awe they are all too cute! We didn't haul in too much candy last night either, but we also didn't get rid of the stuff we got to hand out! So alas I am stuck with all this CANDAY. NOMNOM.
    I never call it a "D" word either for the exact same reason. :)
    I sometimes go awol from house duties, and always regret it when it comes time to pick up the pieces (or a billion consecutive loads of laundry.
    Happy November!

  2. We could be related - seriously! I'm not on a d word either, but hoping to make changes and lose weight (30lbs gone so far!) I'd definitely follow if you stated a weight loss/healthy eating blog. I hate housework and laundry (my house is a tip - have you tried flylady?) and I procrastinate to the point of ridiculous before getting anything done! And my eldest son (he's 4) was sick of trick or treating after a few doors yesterday too! On and I will also be 29 forever! As long as Feb 1st never comes next year anyway... :D


  3. JO, thanks! They are pretty cute! Ya I will get caught up with laundry then take a day or two or three off from it, and it totally backfires, then I don't want to do it at all!

    Helly, 30 pounds, wow!!!! Congrats!!! I wouldn't start another blog...I already have a blog, a website, two FB pages, my personal FB page.....I would just do it here, maybe keep track of my weight, what i eat, and then how its going, what I am feeling, ect...then post it weekly....?


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