Tuesday, October 25, 2011

100 Follower Give-Away!!!!!

Alrighty here it is.  :)

Thank you all for being here. For getting me here. Its not much, but I love these polishes!
I am even including a franken for Fairy Dust! I call it Flutterific!
There is also the awesome Pure Ice, Heart Breaker! This is a GREAT layering polish, it is magic!
Pure Ice Oh Baby! Also a great layering polish.
Revlon's Carbonite
Sally Hansen's Maximum Growth Plus Formula, use it, or use it for Frankening!
Milani's Jewel FX's , 530 Gems
And an oldie I had lying around, A perfect "10", no name.
My favorite clean up brush, and a Burts Bee' Lip Balm with Pomegranate Oil.

Read carefully, there is a surprise!

Flutterific (Franken)


Oh Baby


530 Gems

Ok you lovely followers!!!! Here it is My 100 Follower give-away!
This is open to everyone.
If your under 18 please check with your parents.

One entry for Being a Follower, new ones are welcome.
One entry for 'Like'ing my FB page, check out my right sidebar for a quick "like"
One entry for blogging about it.
One entry for side bar-ing the give-away.
One entry for telling me your favorite post from this blog.
One entry for telling me what I can improve on.

So lets see that's 6 entries possible, and hey just for the fun of it, if you complete all entries, yours will double, thats a total of 12!
Pretty awesome right!

This is my first give-away, I hope you all love it!

PS: There is an awesome surprise that is not pictured....does that intrigue you?????

Give-away will run for one week, October 25 (starting) and Ending at midnight on November 2.

Oh, AND, if you recommend someone to this giveaway, make sure you tell them to credit you! You'll get an extra entry! (you know how many extra entries that could be! Enormous chances!) Good Luck!

Give-away Ended, sorry!


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