Tuesday, October 4, 2011

15 Week Challenge........Part One, Week Six

Hello there....I have been slacking on the posts....well the guts of the posts anyhow! I am sorry. The kids have got me all up in a bind, so much with school and wanting to play outside, and then all the stuff that needs to be done inside is just outrageous! Mom's/wife's shouldn't have to tackle everything! I need to make a chart....with who gets what chore...or else I am going to go insane...

I need to decide on what my chart will include and who will do what and when and then get a big poster board, write it all out and then have it laminated, I want to have that up by Saturday! So anyone out there have any ideas on who to delegate which chores to....you know the basics....pick up clothes, put away clothes, clean toilets, mop floors, vacuum, etc....Dishes after dinner....what are the most important things that I need the kids/husband to help with?  My kids are 8.5, 6.5, 4 and almost 1!

This weeks challenge was Violet. I found this purple a couple months back at the dollar tree. It is very very purple! Goes on smooth, no problems, very opaque, creme finish. Love this color, it doesn't have a name...You can see a bottle shot here. I wanted something extra for this Mani, so I added some sparkle to my ring finger, China Glaze Techno.

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  1. Hi I Just found your blog. Love the mix of nails and other stuff. I have an. eight yr old as well and was wondering what kind of chores you give yours. I'm looking to revamp the chore assignments for my kids. thanks

  2. Thanks Sara! I gave my eight year old, sweeping/vacuuming (with the little kitchen one), wiping down toilet, putting laundry away, scrub bathtub....

  3. thanks for the info! I'm always worried I'm giving him too much to do but he does the same types of chores.


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