Sunday, September 25, 2011

Some Goodies....

......I have been meaning to show you these for awhile now.

Seche Vite PRO kit

part of five glitters, blue wants to be a millionaire, hannah pinktana, gray's anatomy, sparkled, night prowl

dollar store finds

Gelous, awesome base coat!

Jem, Hope, Kotori

Tealy-fast, Gunmetal

This is a 'kid'-tie box, that i am using for my stamping stuff

Dotting tools


A nail file a good Friend bought me from Seattle

my clean up brush of choice

Dollar general find...

Spectra flair


  1. That is a HUGE Seche Vite bottle! WANT! How cool is that because you can refill the small bottle when it gets halfway!

  2. JQ, I got it on Ebay! It was $19 I think.... thats like getting 9 bottles of it, but for $2 each!!!


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