Thursday, September 22, 2011

My First Franken! Taking Name submissions!

Hey there all! I finally made my franken! Whats a franken? Its a polish that you make out of other polishes you have on hand that you love or hate.....or just want to oomph up a bit! Kinda like Frankenstein, haha! 
I didn't really have an idea in my head for a particular color I was kinda just throwing in what I thought would look good. 

Here is the list of polishes that made my franken:
NYC, Starry Silver Glitter
NYC, Cashmere Creme
WNW, Blue Wants to be a Millionaire
WNW, Gray's Anatomy
WNW, Party of Five Glitters
SH XW, Gunmetal
and WNW Fantasy Makes Confetti

Its similar to Deborah Lippmanns Glitter in the Air. Although hers in more dainty, and sheerer, and less sparkle.


A Quick swatch after mixing, BEFORE bottle

This is the bottle AFTER adding WNW Fantasy Makers Confetti

After Bottle

Swatch with confetti

 The Pictures below, are all the original formula BEFORE I added in the WNW fantasy makers confetti:

Well what do you guys think? Like it, Love it, Hate it, Its ok? Any name ideas?


  1. I'd call it "Escaped Balloons" cuz that's what it reminds me of! Pretty balloons from a happy day, way up high in the cloudless blue sky <3


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