Monday, September 12, 2011

15 Week Challenge.......Part Two, Week Four

Okay, I know I skipped Part two of week three and part one of week four, I'll get back to those, I actually have a picture for week four part one (green) but I couldn't wait to show you guys this mani! This week's challenge was the dry marble mani or water marble mani, I chose the dry marble. I have done the water marble and its messy, and time consuming trying to find polishes that spread well...

Anyways... I had out my purple from this challenge, and my yellow from this challenge, and decided to use those. I painted stripes with them on a plastic baggie, just a little rectangle, to see if it worked, and drew lines up and down it, close together.....I didn't really like 'just' that pattern, so I took the toothpick and drew tiny spirals every so often in it. I liked that!

Yellow: Pure Ice, Excuse Me
Purple: Finger Paints, Hue Rang?

I only made that little rectangle, so I only had enough for four fingers...But this was so easy to do. I made the stripes, drug a toothpick up and down, then did my swirls, then let it dry for a few days...really I had forgotten about it. I was reading some blogs that said if you drag too hard the polish will have splits in it, and not pull up off the baggie neatly, so I put a top coat on it, let it dry again, and then cut to size my thumb and ring....just a square type shape.....I put a base coat on my nails, waited a minute or so, and peeled the polish off of the plastic, and set it on my nail, pressed it down lightly with my fingers, then smoothed out any wrinkles or bulges with an orange stick, then did the next finger the same way. I then went back and pressed down around my cuticle with the orange stick to make a 'crease' and then took the pointy side and made holes in that crease, and took off the excess polish, then cleaned it up. Simple, less time than the water marble, and easier in my opinion! I will def do this again, and for all nails this time!

Both polishes were a pearl finish.

Check out the list of challenges here.


  1. I adore this combination - so much pizzazz! GOtta try this method of marbling for sure.

  2. This looks great! The marbling is perfect!

  3. I loved this outcome, it was great, so swirly and pretty!


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