Sunday, September 4, 2011

15 Week Challenge.....Part Two, Week Two

Hey there....
This one was a total fail. I tried to be all creative and junk, but it didn't work, I really hate showing you this one....
I used my orange mani , Essie-Meet me at Sunset, from the previous challenge, and added Finger Paints Hue Rang? to it, in different positioned moon shapes....icky! I'm not even making it any bigger, because it bites! Essie looks red here...Hmmm...its orange I swear, it was so pretty I didn't want to take it off....

You can see my list of Challenges here.

Oh and I was playing around with my camera today...

This one is great, he's like staring at me wandering what the hell I'm doing!

Those were two different squirrels.

 Also I played with some color today....its pretty horrible, but whatever, reminds me of a peacock!

Speaking of peacocks.....We have a house in the area that is habitated (is that a word?) by some...

Pretty cool right?

Oh and the boys and I did some paintings today why Emma was with Grandma and Grandpa, her first time alone with them....They took her to an art festival in Venice, Florida.....she had fun, and it was nice just to have to boys....

Riley did the water scene, he has posts and rope in the water...with a bird and AB are school initials.
Parker painting lines...but do you see that sideways 'A' (purple), I am starting to teach him to write letters.
I did the rainbow :)
Hope you all have a fantastic day today, and a great Labor Day tomorrow! (USA) The rest of you, hope your Monday goes by fast!!!

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