Thursday, September 8, 2011

15 Week Challenge.....Part One, Week Three

Hey there you all! Nice and sunny out today...a nice change from the gloominess and storms that we have been having!

Parker turned four this week! He is getting so big, growing up so fast. He had to get two shots yesterday, then we went to Toys R Us and spent his gift card from his Uncle and Aunt! That made the shots less traumatic!

Both little ones are sick this week, I am taking the little little one to the doctor today, as he has had a fever for about 24 hours....he also cut his first tooth yesterday! My mom is supposed to be taking Parker tonight for his bday, but he is sick, so we will see what happens, and then I was supposed to take the other three to her Friday after school, and then Kevin and I were supposed to go to Busch Gardens by ourselves on Saturday....but all that is up in the air now that the little ones are sick, sort of....ugh! Never make plans with kids, they always fall through!

Anyways, onto the weekly challenge! Today I have for you, yellow! A really ugly color, I am def not a fan of Yellow! I only have two yellows, so I chose the pearl finished one. Here is a list of types of finishes for polish. Thanks to Swatch and Learn for finding the link for me! The other Yellow I own is a creme, by Sally Hansen, Mellow Yellow - the Xtreme Wear line. This yellow I am showing you today is from Pure Ice, its Excuse Me. Like I said up there ^ ....Its a pearly finish....I don't like pearl finishes, they are hard to get perfect, you can see brush strokes...I like cremes and jellys, and other types better, they are harder to mess up! But this is about challenging myself, and I wore it...for not even 5 minutes....Boo....Fail. I didn't clean them up either, because I knew it was going to stay on....sorry!

Here it is:

Here you can see my list of challenges.
Come back tomorrow for a ROTW installment!

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