Friday, October 28, 2011

Glittered Candy Corn!

Alright so I really wanted to use my pumpkin polishes I bought from Tara in PaA, but I couldn't decide which to

I did a base of Wet N Wild Black Creme and then...

On my pinky is WNW Behind Closed Doors
On my ring is a candy corn, White On- SH XW, Meet Me at Sunset- Essie, and Mellow Yellow- SH XW
On my middle in the Moon Pumpkin Glitter
On my index is the red Pumpkin Glitter
and finally on my thumb I have two of the glitters: the black/silver and the silver black.

This was a cute combo...
I'm sorry my fingers are dry! I lotioned right afterward! :(

Tonight I took all four kiddos to the older two's school for Spooky Story night. It was fun, kind of...they didn't last long, which is good for me, Because I'm not good with crowded public social things....They dressed up...even the little one had a costume on, lol....

Oldest is some black/dark guardian thing from Harry Potter-anyone know what the name of it is?
Drama Queen was a dancing cat, lol, but will be Superwoman for the real deal...
Little Man is Batman!
Handsome was a Ninja.

You know...I have some anxiety about posting their pictures on a public blog...I know some moms who don't, some who will occasionally with heads turned, so they aren't recognizable, and then some that say who cares.....I'm somewhere in the middle....I want to share them , but then again I don't feel like I its welcoming danger in my home, make sense? Anyone else like that?

Ok, so for tomm since my husband works, I bought some crafts for the kids to do for Halloween, some foam things....we'll see how that goes

And I found some bled though and stupidly I bought two different kinds, and added them both, I should have done one at a time to see which one if not both bled....oh well its still pretty, I just have to get the shaking ball things....and perhaps a thicker top coat, than the thin Wet n Wild clear I used....

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Oh and the challenges and recipes will resume after Halloween!

Is there anything you guys want to request?

<3 Carrie


  1. Cute Mani and your kids are adorable!

  2. lol..the harry potter thing is called a Dementor

  3. Thanks Emili ans Sarah!
    And thanks, Nickee, for the 'right' name, I knew it started with a "D"!


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