Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nail mail and My Baby is ONE today!

Hey there all you beautiful people! Today is a special day, my little baby boy is ONE today! He is my fourth child, but it is still emotional when they turn one. Saturday is his party and I have alot to do the rest of this week, clean, make a cake, make the food for the party....

I searched and searched for the Wet N Wild On the Prowl collection, and came up empty handed, so I ordered them, two from Traci, from The Trace Face Philes, and one from Bee from Bee Polished. They were so kind, Traci went to like 17 to find as many as she could for all of us who craved these polishes, and Bee, well she is very sweet-she even sent some neat candy and filled her envelope with Halloween glitter! I shared the Pop Rocks with my kids, even the little one, and it was so cute to see their faces when the candy was making noise in their mouths.

I have a pumpkin flakie polish coming this week from Nicole, from PAA on FB (yay, so excited about this one, and then Tara from the same group is sending me a bunch more pumpkin polishes! Woohoo!

Thanks girls, I really do appreciate it a lot!!!!!

And here is a picture of my sweet baby boy, Hunter.


  1. Aw happy birthday Hunter! My youngest was one a few months ago, they grow up way too fast!

  2. YAY I am glad it arrived safely! Enjoy! And Happy Birthday to your little boy! <3


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