Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guest Post : Claire from: Purple Fairy Dust!

Today Is Claire's day! She writes over at Purple Fairy Dust!

I have been meaning to do an autumn/fall inspired manicure for a while now but I was waiting on the La Femme Copper Tint polish to arrive. I also picked up H&M - Wanna Pepperoni as I think this colour is pretty suited for the autumn colours I was going for.

As I still have no decent nail brushes I found the finer detail on this look quite difficult.

The polishes I used were:

Base Colours - H&M Wanna Pepperoni & La Femme Copper Tint. I did every other nail in the same colour, so thumb (copper tint), fore finger (wanna pepperoni), middle finger (copper tint), ring finger (wanna pepperoni), little finger (copper tint)

On my Little Finger - I used Claire's Accessories Gold Glitter polish, I painted one coat of this over La Femme Copper Tint to create an accent nail. I love this polish and also the Baby Pink Glitter I got fro Claire's Accessories. They do come in small bottles but are priced at just £2.25 - £2.50 (prices seem to change) and they have mega glitter pay off after just 2 coats!

On my Ring Finger - I used La Femme Copper Tint to draw a leaf coming out of the side of my nail. I then used the Green Nail art pen from my Nails Supreme set, see post on this set here to draw some lines and accents on the leaf. Once this had all completely dried I used my Black Stargazer polish to line the edges of the leaf and add some definition.

On my Middle Finger - I was at a bit of a loss for things to do and I smudged the Copper Tint base slightly so I just used the Taupe and Yellow Nail art pens from my Nails Supreme set and drew lines to make a fan shape. I then applied 3 Gold flower nail art gems along the side of my nail. I did not use special glue for this but I definitely made sure to apply a few extra layers of top coat at the end.

On my Fore Finger - I drew a little umbrella using my Black Stargazer polish and a very thin cocktail stick to do the lines. This is not ideal and you can see how the lines aren't very neat but it's all I could think of when my brushes are so crappy :( I added "raindrops" using the black and the I filled in the umbrella with the pink & blue Nail art pen from my Nails Supreme set.

On my Thumb - I used my Collection 2000 Hot Shots in brown, I don't think you can get this any more as I have been looking for it... but any brown cream or opaque type polish will do. I did a "wonky" French tip and then drew another leaf on my thumb nail. I added definition using Barry M Mushroom with slight accents using the Black Stargazer polish.

Polishes Used Breakdown:

Nails Supreme Nail Art Pens (Metallic Set): Green, Taupe, Yellow, Pink, Blue.

La Femme Copper Tint

H&M Wanna Pepperoni

Claire's Accessorise Gold Glitter (No name on the bottle)

Barry M - Mushroom

Collection 2000 Hot Shots: Brown

Stargazer - Black Polish

Barry M - Base/Top Coat

I followed up with 2 coats of China Glaze Leather Top Coat, and then I applied a 3rd coat of this on my middle finger as I had applied gems to this nail and didn't want them to come loose.

I hope you like my Autumn Nails... I really like the colours together and will definitely use them again. My favourite nails are My Ring & Thumb fingers :)

Purple Fairy Dust xx
Check out my guest post on her blog!

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