Friday, November 18, 2011


Hey there. I decided I am taking a break from my 15 Week Challenge. With the holidays here, it just won't get I will pick it back up after the first of the year. Sorry.

So this Sunday we are having family pictures done. The last family picture was May of this year, and it was just a random photo, and Husband had his sunglasses on, just like in the last family picture, two years ago....this time I said no sun glasses will be near him! His reply: Well I will glare....I'd rather glare than see sunglasses. Anywho. We are all wearing Black shirts and Jeans. I haven't come up with anything for my nails yet. Any ideas? Leave them in a comment please! 

Here are some naked nails:
Very Shiny

Truly yucky! I think I had some patches on a couple nails here...
I thought I had more....Oh well...Here are the places we are going to have photos taken:

Handsome's first time with the bowl....his face was covered in mac and cheese!

this 212 polishes, not including the ones to the right in the white box, those were freecycle's

El Cheapo's

Misa's, CC's, ChG's crackle's, Some other 'crackle's', Sally Hansen, FP's, Orly's...

Sinful Colors, Zoya's, Pure Ice's, China Glaze's

new things

more new things

and more new things


My Babies :)
Sorry it was so picture Heavy....

<3 Carrie


  1. Wow, you have a HUGE nail polish collection! I love the pics of your family. :)

    P.s. I nominated you for an award:


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