Wednesday, November 2, 2011

An Oldie...(Pink Wednesday!)

Hey there. Today I mailed my first international package!!! I hope Ms. Crumpet loves the contents, and that it arrives safely! I threw in a special surprise ;) 

A couple months back, My husband and I went to Busch Gardens alone, My mom had taken all four kids for the night, this was the first time she had taken Handsome (littlest), and he was teething and snotty, so I expected it to be rough on her, well he did excellent! I was impressed, he's a pretty easy going baby, but he teeths HARD! They even kept them for two nights instead! I'll tell you, it was pretty awesome, not having to worry about waking up, making breakfast, cleaning up poop, wiping butts, feeding kids, picking up after them.... "Mom, can you come get them again soon!"

Well, that kind of got off topic...anyways, I wore China Glaze 108 Degree's, one of my Bestie's favorites! It was BRIGHT! Hubby said I should tip it with black and then white...I tried it, it was ok...and this is a really crappy photo or two....and the white was free hand, the black I taped off.

I am not even enlarging them, because they are ugly!

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Happy Hump Day!

<3 Carrie


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