Monday, July 18, 2011

Cake Pops anyone?

Remember my post a few days ago? Well I said I would give you the recipe for it. Here it is.
Make a cake, any flavor. I chose Red Velvet. take it out of the oven, let it cool for about 30-45 minutes, or until you think you can handle it without burning yourself.

Crumble the cake into a bowl, making sure there are no large pieces....I trimmed off the edges of the cake before 'crumbing' it. Add in about half a can of frosting, or the equivalent if you make your own, about 1 cup probably.

Mix up. Should be moist, but not too too moist...the fluffier the mix the better it will ball up and the lighter it will be, so it doesn't fall down your pop sticks, creating 'stripper' cake pops, as my friend Whitney called them.

I found it easier and less messy to refrigerate the mix before balling it up. roll them into ping pong size balls and stick them with a pop stick. set on wax paper. I made mine like golf balls....bad idea, the more weight they are the heavier they will be, and then you'll end up with stripper balls, lol....

Then throw them in the freezer...I left mine in overnight.

I then dipped them in WHITE ( I can't color this font or you won't see it, lol) almond bark, that I melted in the microwave, and dipped them in Blue sprinkles, ran out of the blue sprinkles so then i used red and mixed what was left of the blue in....

Red, White and Blue cake pops for the Fourth of July!

Some combo's that I think will be awesome, are German chocolate cake, and the pecan coconut frosting with chocolate almond bark and some chopped pecans...
Funfetti with white frosting with chocolate almond bark and sprinkles....
Strawberry cake with strawberry icing, and tinted pink white almond bark (or white chocolate candy melts that are pink, because i don't think you can add any liquid to the almond bark) and some dried strawberries...

the combos are endless, really....

If you try these, send me the pictures.....I want to see them!

And here a little boy who thought they were delicious:

My neighbor stole the rest of them while cleaning up, His wife told on him, she said he ate one every morning till about a week afterwards, lol....


  1. OMG!!! thank you for posting this!!! totally going to make some and ill post a picture:) Im excited i love learning how to make snacks and pastries:) so let me get this straight when you mix in the bowl you ad frosting to it?

  2. crumb the cake up and add the frosting to the crumbs, and mix/mash together with your hands.
    and your welcome!

  3. i think im gonna make german chocolate ones for my dads birthday on thursday! i'll let you know how that goes :D


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