Monday, July 11, 2011

Mini Lady Bugs, and some other things...

Hey all. Went to the new house this weekend and hung more curtains and moved the kids beds over there also. I need to finish wiping down/out the cupboards in kitchen and then wipe down shelves in the closets....then it will be ready to be moved into completely without cleaning it at all....Yay!

One question though? How do you clean the wood/fake wood floors in the living room? I have a swiffer type mop with a cotton terry like pad on it and a thicker carpet looking pad on it.....but what cleaner do I use?

master room

master room
Em's room

Em's room, bed placement is up in the air still...

Boys' room, so much bigger than their current room!

another shot...

living room you like the book shelf there?

Em's lady bugs...

an older manicure I did with a black and pink...


  1. Hi! Not sure about how to clean the the ladybugs! that the front door? If so, is there somewhere else for it to go? It's a little big to be by a door if you have some other options.

  2. The door it is next to is the garage door, The front door is on the left in the little nook....where the antique washing station is....
    I was planning on the book shelf being on the wall to the right of the garage door with a long sofa table and then my curio cabinet...its a long wall and I thought two big items flanking a small long table would look sorta good...the book shelf was just placed there for the moment and Kevin thought it looked good there, but i wasn't sure I liked a previous post you can see the long wall I am talking about.

  3. Just get any cleaner that is safe for wood and laminate....I used murphy's oil on my last fake wood floors and it look good. Also you can just get the swiffer wet mop things and rewet them as you go along!


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