Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hunter is getting so big so fast....

Hunter seems to be hitting milestone after milestone recently. Scooting, learning to crawl, eating more foods....Now he's pulling up and standing on the lower furniture. I feel like he is growing up too fast.
Here are a few shots of him. He is 9 months old today! 9 months ago today I had him after carrying him inside of me for 9 months, He wasn't planned but man, if I had to picture life without him....well, that just isn't an option. Mommy Loves you Hunter, always and always!

first learning to pull up and stand.

I kept getting him with his eyes closed.


savoring that cheese puff!

begging for food!

He is growing up too too fast! 

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  1. wow he is getting so big wont be long before he is proper trying to walk :D

    shel xx


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