Saturday, July 9, 2011

New Beginnings!

Well, we found a rental house. Its not where I want to be, but I don't think we will be where I want to be for a very long time, if least we are not any farther away from it!

Its a bigger house, has a long master bedroom, an open kitchen to the eating area which is nice and big, has a porch off of that. The two other bedrooms are fairly big, bigger than the rooms we have now! The boys will all be sharing the bigger of the two room and it will fit them without feeling like I am packing sardines into a can. It has good closet space, one in each room, a long double one in the hallway along with a single one-thinking of using that one for a pantry since there isn't a pantry...There is a front door closet. There is a cutout in the living room that will be nice to have the TV, so that isn't the first thing you see when you walk into the house. There will be room to walk around all of the living room furniture instead of having only one path....between the TV and couches, hate that....Has a nice big garage, that I will be able to PARK in! the backyard isn't fabulous, I will miss our current one-its huge, but it has a decent size side yard, enough for a swing set and to run in, and they can always play in front, since were not on a main road...that's another plus. Its right down the road-walking distance, like five or so minutes from a nice park/community center. It feels a little musty in the house, but I think that is because no one lives there, and hasn't in a long time plus it is old not new like ours.

Making friends in the neighborhood will be the hardest. I don't want to leave my buddies that are here in this one....wish they could come with me! I am not very social, I'd rather stay home than go out.
Kevin and I went over there yesterday morning to clean up a little, we bug bombed just in a few spiders lots of ants, and one roach/palmetto bug, nasty....I swear if I run into one or see one, I will freak out! They had better all be dead and new ones need to stay out! We had to vacuum and mop and wipe surfaces now I think that it is officially ready to start bringing our stuff over. I thought I would start with the kitchen take over what i don't use on a daily basis...maybe live on paper plates and plastic cups, lol....I thought about taking our kids beds over and just leaving there mattresses here.....and little furniture we don't use...

I went over there yesterday afternoon with the kids and measured the windows, they don't have anything on them....hopefully curtains will be enough, the windows are new and tinted/storm proof, so I think that with curtains you won't be able to see through at night....but time will tell, if anything I can get the stick on tint I think that is cheap enough, I don't want blinds again, the kids destroy them, they get dusty, knotted....a pain to hang, and they are quite costly....although the curtains and rods weren't that cheap either! But, I never did buy curtains for this home so.....Our couches are chocolate brown, with red/Burgundy pillows, we have two awesome wall hangings of red poppy's with green orange, yellow/gold/beige accents in them and the walls over there were painted a deep golden color, really pretty and they have darker wood I bought red taffeta curtains and chocolate sheer w/a vine/flower like pattern on them for the living room....A deep red/blood casual style material curtains for the sliders in the kitchen, because Riley picked out this lovely beige tie top curtain with a red accent vine/flower thing in each bottom really is pretty....Emma can reuse what she has in her room currently and the boys room only needed one more red panel, and I bought a sea color for our bedroom, but need to return as is doesn't match my bed stuff.....Thinking of going with Navy....there are Navy highlights in my bed stuff, and the walls in the bedrooms are kinda a milk chocolate/beige color....carpets are dark brown.....

Now I just need to figure out how to put all the furniture in our bedroom....

I hate moving...

Here are some pictures: You can click on them to make them larger...


from kitchen into eating area
from edge of eating area into living room
from master bedroom door into living room
from front door into living room
Em's room
Boys' room
Kitchen curtains, Riley picked them out, they're pretty and go so well!
edge of living room, curtains
I love them!
very pretty!
closeup, they deserve it!

Master bathroom
Master bedroom out of the bathroom, door to living/eating area on right.

Better picture of the curtains! (don't mind the mess, everything was thrown up there so the Baby didn't get into it!)
Slider curtains

I'm thinking I might need two more panels, what do you think?


So that is the new house....


  1. Lol Emma is so super cute!!! I love all if especially your kitchen, master bath and Love Love Love the hardwood floors!!! Congrats and I hope y'all truely enjoy your new home <3

  2. I looked at the pics again... Is it real hardwood floors or linoleum? either way, I like it :D

  3. I should have waited before I commented lol but Is you porch closed in? if so wouldn't it be considered a 'florida room'? lol A lot of your older houses had/have them so I'm just curious

  4. Love the wood floors and the patio is a great size, as are the rooms!

  5. I love the new house! And I absolutely love the color of the living room area.


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